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Best Christmas decorations to make your home merry after moving to Burbank CA

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and you want your home to look festive and joyous. Although there is no white Christmas in California, the lack of snow does not diminish the festivities. If you have recently moved to the Sunshine State, perhaps you need to buy some decorations to complete your collection. Moving professionals at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage offer some useful tips about holiday ornaments. The top cleaning services Los Angeles will help you pick the best Christmas decorations to make your home sparkle. Your post-relocation Christmas can be one of the best you have ever had.

Best Christmas decorations to make your home merry after moving to Burbank CA

Although many of the seasonal events in Burbank have been postponed until 2022, you can still find plenty of things to occupy yourself with. Downtown Burbank boasts many unique shops that meet everyone’s needs. After finding one of the most affordable moving companies Los Angeles has to offer to conduct your relocation, the rest is up to you. Go on a spending spree and buy various decorations for your first Christmas at a new address. Combine new Christmas decor with the one you brought from your old home. Also, if you are thinking of hosting a Christmas party, you may want to go the extra mile when it comes to decorations. Here are some suggestions that might help you make your home look amazing and ready for the best holidays so far. Keep in mind that, as you need various decorations, you might want to make a shopping list and group them into the following categories:

  • Christmas trees and wreaths
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • toys – gnomes and Santa dolls
  • decorative cloths
  • lights
wreath on the door as a Christmas decoration
Decorating wreaths and garlands can be just as fun as decorating a Christmas tree

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is surely the most significant trademark of the holiday. Whether it is huge or small, or just a decorated branch, it is a part of Christmas equipment that almost no one leaves out. Apart from the regular green tree, there are also white ones, for those who like dark Christmas ornaments. Also, small ceramic trees seem to be very popular again after a long time. The color of the ornaments you choose for a tree should define the rest of the decorations around the house. Remember to keep everything in tone and avoid making your home way too colorful. Decorate your Christmas tree brightly, as it is the core of all your holiday decorations. Also, remember to buy a Christmas wreath, and hang it on the front door. Greet everyone with the Christmas spirit by setting up a decorated wreath.

Christmas tree ornaments

If you hired reliable movers, then your ornaments reached Burbank in one piece. The best art movers Los Angeles are skilled in handling various fragile items, artworks, sculptures, marble tables, and antique furniture. Owing to their high-quality moving equipment and exquisite packing skills, your old ornaments will be ready to make your tree shine. In case you need more ornaments, make sure to go shopping on time. Check out which color is trendy this Christmas season and choose decorations according to the trends, or simply go with the traditional red and white or red and golden combination.

Christmas toys

Plush gnomes and Santa dolls, as the bearers of fortune in Nordic tradition, will add warmth to your festivity decorations. They are especially significant if you have kids, because they may serve for both the decorations and the play. Remember also to hang Christmas stockings above the fireplace. Fill them with candy and small presents and make a wonderful surprise for your friends and family.

a plush reindeer toy sitting on a couch
Christmas-themed plush toys are cute decorations that attract the attention of the youngest

Decorative cloths

Hosting a Christmas dinner? Well, you will need a lot more than delicious food and cold drinks to make this party memorable. After one of the best moving companies Burbank CA has completed your move, it is time to unpack all the decorative gimmicks. Set up a Christmas-themed tablecloth or table runner and use a Christmas wreath as a centerpiece for a dinner table. There are plenty of other decorations you can set up to make your home festive for Christmas dinner. For instance, miniature Christmas villages can add a Victorian sense to the atmosphere. Setting up a nativity scene also feels very Christmassy. Candles will make your home joyful, especially if you play some Christmas songs in the back.


Christmas decorations are not so impressive without lights. Various types of lights give out different atmospheres. Yellow lights give warmth, colorful lights make the house cheerful and conspicuous, and discrete lights can be very classy. You can put the lights on a garland or a wreath, and now that you are a resident of Burbank, decorating a palm tree with lights sounds like a good idea.

a person holding string lights
String lights are a simple yet impressive addition to Christmas decorations

Food decoration

Hosting a Christmas dinner may inspire you to go the extra mile when it comes to food preparation. Christmas-themed tablecloths and napkins are not necessarily the only sort of holiday decoration on your dinner table. Whip up a creative gingerbread and offer your friends and family some edible decorations. Also, bake some cookies and cover them in icing in the form of a snowflake or a Christmas tree. Make your first Christmas in Burbank memorable by putting in the extra effort in the decoration process.

No matter how marvelously you plan to decorate your house, you might get disappointed if some of your ornaments get damaged during transport.  When moving to a new place, it is important to have all your belongings safely packed. Reliable movers such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can help you relocate seamlessly and swiftly. They will treat all breakables with care, especially your Christmas decorations. The outstanding moving service will allow you to unwind after relocation and start decorating your house with joy.

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