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Avoid hidden moving company fees in Denver

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    On average, Americans relocate around ten times during their lifetime. This is why there are so many moving companies out there, everyone trying for the piece of the market. You can get a free moving quote from each of these movers, and see what you will be going into. However, some companies will try to mislead you by providing you a low initial cost, while tacking on hidden fees. The best way to avoid even being in this situation is to always hire moving services in Denver from a trustworthy mover like Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. We are always forthcoming with our prices and you will never have to worry about any additional costs. But if you want to know how to avoid hidden moving company fees in Denver with any company, then this article is for you. We will provide you with all the necessary knowledge.

    How to avoid hidden moving company fees in Denver?

    Most “hidden” fees involve either the packing process or a parking spot. There are several more but these are the most prominent ones. Therefore, you should:

    • Find packing supplies on your own
    • Ask friends and family for help with packing
    • Save a parking spot for your movers (long carry fee)

    Additionally, you can always ask your movers about these costs in advance. That way, they will have to provide you with a moving quote Denver that includes the things you are asking for. Which will, in turn, prevent them from tacking them later on.

    Find packing supplies on your own

    If you simply go to your movers and say “I need my household moved”, they may provide you with a quote that does not include packing supplies. And you are going to need those. All great professional movers Denver has will never stoop so low as to do this, LA Transfer and Storage included. But you need to be wary of those who do. The best thing that you can do is to find these supplies on your own. That way, you will both reduce the cost and not even experience any hidden fees.

    cardboard box on the table
    Finding your own packing supplies is your best course of action.

    Ask friends and family for help with packing

    To further reduce the moving costs, you can ask your friends and family members to help you with the packing process. This is where the movers can hide most of their service costs, after all. By taking care of it on your own, you circumvent the whole problem. Or you can contact trustworthy residential movers Denver and let them tell you how much your move will cost. The important thing is that you know in advance what you are going into.

    Save a parking spot for your movers (long carry fee)

    This is, perhaps, the most notorious “hidden fee” of them all. Some moving companies will exploit the fact that there is no parking nearby and will charge you for long carry services. The way that you can prevent this is either by hiring Southern California movers that will not change the cost regardless of the circumstance, or to save a parking spot in advance. The latter is universal.

    3 cars parked by the street
    Always try to save a parking spot for the moving truck.

    Other hidden moving company fees in Denver that you should avoid

    Apart from these main ones, there are some other services that are usually not included in the quotes, such as:

    • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture
    • Handling bulky items
    • Elevator fees
    • Move cancellation
    • Express delivery extra fees

    It is always best if you ask your movers about these in advance. That way, you will at least know what your move might entail. It might save you some money that you can spend on fun things to do in Denver. But the best thing is to hire a reliable and honest company, such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, in the first place.

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