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Arranging furniture after the move

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    You have moved to your new home. Now you need to arrange all the furniture so you can finally enjoy your new house. Arranging the furniture after the move can be as stressful as the relocation itself. You have spent so much time and money on buying that furniture and now you need to find the right place for all of that in some new space.

    The bad news is that you might be forced to give up on some of your items. It will certainly take a while to get a feel for the new space and figure out where to place all of your furniture. If you don’t have the idea of where to place some of the items, you can always store them for a while.  You can look for storage Dupont, WA so you can store some of your furniture until you figure out where to place them.

    living room and boxes in it
    Don’t make your new house look like storage just so you could keep some of the furniture.

    Make a plan

    If any of your existing furniture proves to be too large, then you can place it in storage and save yourself the hassle of moving to Seattle from Los Angeles. It would be good to think about where to place some pieces of furniture in advance. This planning can make the arrangement go much smoother after the moving day, and it might even prevent you from moving furniture that is not going to fit in the new space. Eventually, you might end up selling them and buying some new items that fit better in your new home. If you don’t know where to start, what to do, here are some steps that you can follow.

    • A first and crucial step in planning the arrangement of furniture in the new house is to carefully evaluate the available space. Take measurements of each room so you can create a picture about which pieces of furniture will fit in your new space.
    • Decide what each room will be used for but keep in mind that every room should be functional but also aesthetically acceptable. You can put it on paper and decide which furniture goes to which room.
    • If you have enough time you can also download the application on your smartphone or Ipad that can help you with planning. You can insert the measurements for each room and make a perfect plan for arranging furniture after the move. This application will allow you to create models of your new space, including the position of essential elements such as doors and windows, then try out the positioning of your existing furniture, accessories, even lightenings.
    • You can create paper replicas. This is what you can do if you have enough time and it can be very helpful.

    Arranging furniture after the move

    It would be good to clean the space before you start with the rearranging. If it is possible, remove all the boxes from the room so you can plan it well. In order to place your furniture in the new home, you will be needing the appropriate tools. You disassembled them before moving, so now you need to put them in one piece.

    A couple lying on the bed
    It will take a while to get a feel for the new space and figure out where to place all of your belongings.

    Arrange furniture first before hanging pictures or mirrors. Start by placing the massive furniture first. Then you can add some smaller ones, like coffee tables, chairs, and plant stands. Before placing a TV in any room, do not forget about the distance required between the screen and the viewer. Think about lighting and the placement of the lamps, too. Be very strategic with the placement of your furniture. You don’t want your new home to look like a warehouse just so you could keep some pieces. 

    Balance your living space

    You can do some trick for achieving a practical, balanced room layout. If you love decorating your space you can also search a bit on the internet of feng shui principals of arranging furniture. Feng shui is a traditional practice originating from ancient China that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. This can be applicable to arranging your home. When there is a direct line-of-sight between the front door and the back door, it means that the energy is shooting through the house too fast. So, you can ”slowdown” that energy flow by putting some entry table in between or a patterned rug on the floor. Feng shui is more about creating a happy and healthy environment than the decoration of the house but it can be useful.

    Don’t place all furniture against walls. Use the middle of the space to create functional areas. For example, you can make a working space. Use colors and patterns to make your living space alive and pleasant. Put some pillows, curtains, picture frames, and decorative art. Put some color and distinctive patterns against a neutral base.

    Keep your house clear of clutter. Do not accumulate things that don’t have any significant role. Arrange your paperwork, your bills, pens, and some office material if you have it. Mixing materials will also create an interesting space. Marble, wood, and metal can “ground” space, but glass, breezy fabrics, create a breezy feel and bring much more light in the room.

    You can do some tricks to make yourself a balanced and pleasant space for living.

    Conclusion about arranging furniture after the move

    It is always a good idea to communicate your concerns and needs with your moving company. Your Southern California movers will be happy to help you. Professional movers have experience in moving, packing, unpacking, and placing the furniture where you need them. They are experienced with moving large items and arranging furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way. And you need all the help with arranging furniture after the move. Instead of spending hours surrounded by boxes, you can enjoy exploring your new city.

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