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An interstate move checklist – Top tips and tricks

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Moving to a new state is a time-consuming process that requires patience and planning, from packing goods and locating a place to live to contemplating moving choices and meeting new acquaintances. Are you moving from California to Washington? We’re here to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Moving to a new state is simple and quick with our interstate relocation checklist. Just a reminder: Begin the procedure as soon as possible – ideally at least two months before your move.

Take a trip to your new state and city

Experts from international moving company Los Angeles advise that you visit your new city at least once before relocating to another state. This will allow you to acquire a good sense of the area and its many neighborhoods. Bring a guidebook or visit the town’s visitor center for brochures, maps, and suggestions. Through internet research and review sites, you should be able to learn a lot about your new home.

travel suitcase
Visit your new state or city to get acquainted

Choose a reputable moving company

There are numerous moving service options and companies. Don’t put this step off until the last minute. Before choosing a moving company, do some research and read reviews and testimonies. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for Los Angeles interstate movers with a reputation for excellent customer service. It will pay off big time!

Order everything you’ll need in terms of moving supplies

You’ll need a lot of packing supplies. Get hold of everything from moving boxes and foam pouches to bubble wrap and packing tape. Order your moving supplies at least a month ahead of time so you can get started packing right away.

packing supplies
Include getting enough packing supplies in your interstate move checklist

Include a thorough packing plan in your interstate move checklist

Make a packing schedule and a meticulous plan before you start packing your belongings. I propose that you pack all of your non-essentials first. Non-essentials include books, home décor items, and technology that you won’t need in the weeks leading up to the relocation. You should pack the most important items at the very end.

Protect your valuable items

If you have jewelry or other valuables, you should store them in a safe deposit box so they don’t get misplaced or lost during the relocation. Consider entrusting them to a friend or relative for safekeeping. Another option is to keep them with you rather than packing and relocating them with your other belongings.

Get a storage unit

Another priority on your interstate moving checklist should be storage. If you’ll require storage when you arrive, make arrangements ahead of time with professional storage units Dupont WA. That way, your belongings remain safe and secure until you’re ready to unpack. It’s not uncommon for interstate moves to require a long-term storage solution. Make every effort to get your items ready for long-term storage. This will also help you in packing for a long-distance relocation.

storage units
Make storage arrangements well in advance

Get a car shipping service

Unless you want to drive your car to your new house, you’ll need to hire a car shipping service to handle the job for you. Shipping the automobile, hiring a professional driver to drive it for you, or engaging an auto transport business are all choices to consider. Those who use an auto transport business to relocate their cars have the option of choosing an open-air or enclosed carrier.

Moving day is here!

Because you’ve completed your moving out-of-state to-do list by the time moving day arrives, you should be thrilled for your travel and confident that everything will go smoothly. If you encounter any problems, make sure you have your Southern California movers phone number saved on your phone. Of course, read through our interstate move checklist carefully. We wish you a happy moving day!

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