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A practical guide for moving with pets

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    Pets can be found in many households. They are the perfect addition to any family. They help adults relax and teach kids about care and compassion. Pets are irresistible, and that is why you probably have one. When you got them, one of your biggest fear likely was how you were going to go through a move together. Moving with some professional movers Los Angeles will help you relax, which will result in a more relaxed pet. But the things that you can do for your pets do not end there. In this guide for moving with pets, we will show you how to be there for your pet during these difficult times.

    The first step in our guide for moving with pets is to try and understand them

    Animals are territorial beings. If they live in your home, that is their territory. Moving means changing that home, which causes great distress. For example, even if you know that moving to Seattle from Los Angeles will be better for you, your pets don’t understand that. They only see that you are turning their world upside down, and they will likely act out. This is their only way of showing you that something is wrong, so bear with them while this period passes. You can do that by:

    • Not changing your routine
    • Preparing your pets for the move
    • Keeping them out of the house during the big day
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    Try to understand your pets

    Keep the routine up

    Pets love their routine. You likely have a time when you feed and play with them. Moving will give you a long list of things to do, so you won’t have as much free time as usual. Allocate at least some of that free time to spending it with your pets. Even 10-15 minutes of undivided attention daily will work wonders for keeping your bond strong during this challenging time. If you have some moving services Los Angeles providers by your side, you can rest assured that everything will be done, and you can focus on what’s important.

    Prepare your pets

    Moving within the same state won’t require much additional work, but an interstate move will. The same goes for almost everything moving related, also for renting Dupont WA storage. Different states and countries have different regulations when it comes to pets, so you should investigate that first. The majority of places require vaccines for pets and sometimes even quarantined time. You surely don’t want to leave your pet behind, so take care of this well ahead of time.

    Keep them away during the big day

    When moving day arrives, there will be many people in your home, including some furniture movers Los Angeles. Your pets will feel even more stress with all the movement, so they will likely run around. This is a recipe for injuries, both to people and animals. If you cannot keep your pets occupied in a separate room, have them taken away for the day. A trusted friend or family member can look after them for one day, just make sure to pay back the favor.

    Picture of an entertained cat
    If you will take away just one thing from this guide for moving with pets, it should be that your pets need your love and attention now more than ever

    Moving with pets is never easy, but you will be happy that you did it. Pets are part of the family, and they should always be treated like that. If you have ever moved with kids before, the things you need to do for success are similar. Lots of love, attention, and hugs always help. But just follow our guide for moving with pets and there will be no challenges.

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