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A guide to packing designer furniture for a move

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While packing we spend a lot of effort to do it fast and in the easiest way possible. But along the way, we forget that some things can’t be rushed. One of those things is packing designer furniture. It can be big or small but either way, it can reach quite an astronomical price. So why risk damaging it when you can read our easy guide on how to pack designer furniture for a move.

Plan it out

Make sure that the first thing you do is plan everything out. Moving designer furniture can be tricky. And without a plan, it gets even worse. We know that it sounds simple but there are some things you need to consider. One of them is hiring professional help like moving company Los Angeles or even asking for assistance from friends or family. And the other is what you need to get and do if you decide to take the matter into your own hands. Here are some things you need to know.

  1. Details
  2. Protection
  3. Helping hands
  4. Transport and unpacking
Designer couch and side table
Designer side table and couch waiting to be packed


When moving designer furniture we need to make sure we have all the details covered. What are we moving to? Is it an old antique lamp, or a couch? Maby a chair and tables or even a mirror. The possibilities are many. Also how many pieces of designer furniture do we need to move. When we know what we are dealing with, note down all the breakable bendable, or easy to damage parts. Also making sure the state of the furniture before helps us see if there was any damage after. When packing designer furniture for a move, moving companies Burbank is a huge help. Doing the tricky and hard job for you.


After you have inspected the furniture, you did half the job. Why? Because now you don’t need to waste time looking for a way to pack designer furniture. Make sure that all of the easy-to-break parts you saw during the inspection are taken care of. Corners, decorations, glass parts and similar should all be covered in bubble wrap, and blankets and paid extra attention to. Note that if you are moving from California to Washington you need to make the existence of those easy to be damaged parts well known to your helpers.

Designer armchair
Armchair with carved details in the wood that needs to be covered when packing

Helping hands

When packing designer furniture for a move it becomes pretty apparent that you cant do all of it alone.¬† One part of that is carrying the furniture out of the house into the vehicle.¬†Some of the furniture can be pretty heavy. So don’t forget to get some helping hands like friends, family, or professionals. Maby you don’t have to move all of it, some furniture that you may think you could replace or don’t need. You can donate or sell it. That makes one part of the job easier.

Transport and unpacking

This is the easiest step. After putting the designer furniture in the vehicle all that’s left is waiting for it to arrive, and using helping hands again to put it in its new place. Of course, if you for any reason can’t seem to find the right place for the furniture in your new home, the possibility of climate controlled storage Los Angeles, is always an option. There you can place your designer furniture without worries about anything happening until you make room or need it again.

We hope we helped you even a little and made packing designer furniture for a move even a little easier for you.

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