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A guide to moving with pets in California

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As you struggle with all the challenges of moving, you’ll have an extra one to deal with. That challenge is called moving with pets in California. Keep in mind that moving is not only stressful for you, but also for your loved pets. While you are moving with movers Orange County your pets are caught in a new situation. It is therefore important that you take care of this matter. In fact, with nearly 70% of Americans owning a companion animal, this is an issue that most of us face at one time or another. Below are some tips that will help you adopt the right method for moving your beloved pets.

Find a home that fits your pet’s needs

A new home should suit your needs and those of your pet. Take a tour of the new area before you move with best moving companies Los Angeles and make sure it is safe. If you have dogs, is it safe walking them around the neighborhood? Will there be green areas for them to run around? If it’s a cat, you need to provide limited space for it. Cats like vertical spaces to move around, so put shelves on the walls and make sure all openings and passages are closed.

moving with pets in California by car
Before you move, get all the necessary documents for your pets.

Healthcare information about moving with pets in California

Take your pets to the vet before you move with help of moving quotes Los Angele:

  • Get a health certificate if you are moving to another country
  • Check your pet’s health
  • If your pet is undergoing treatment, ensure that it has the necessary medication
  • Make sure your pet has received all necessary vaccinations and if additional vaccines are required before moving to another country
  • If your pet has a history of motion sickness, have him/her take medication
  • Make a copy of your pet’s health record if you change veterinarians.

Keep a few more things in mind before you moving from California to Colorado. The health certificate for California must be dated 10 days before the flight. A rabies vaccine is required before traveling to California with a pet.

Present your pet’s transport case early on

It is very important to start preparing your pet for travel in time. This means that your pet must gradually adapt to crates and cars. Set up his crate a couple of days before travel so he/she can smell it and lie in it in a familiar environment. Feed your pets in open crates at first, then in crates with closed doors. Take short car rides with your pet.

woman and cat in front of a laptop
Before moving with pets in California, plan your trip to make it comfortable for you and your dear four-legged friend.

Plan your trip

After you pack up your belongings commercial movers Los Angeles, arrange a safe trip for your pets. If you are moving with pets in California from another country, make sure you have pet-friendly accommodations. Along the way you will find many accommodations, just check them in time and avoid surprises. Many hotels accept pets. Generally, they charge a little more for accommodation.

Plan meals during the trip so your four-legged friends don’t lose their routine and experience unnecessary stress. Prepare for your move: an overnight kit with enough food, water, your favorite blanket, and a toy. Now that everything is ready, embark on an adventure together to a new home.

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