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8 Charities that offer free donation pick up

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So you’ve decided to move and you’ve started your decluttering or planning stage. Let’s say that you want to donate something but you don’t have time or the proper vehicle to transport the goods. That’s why we as reliable Southern California movers will present you with 8 charities that offer free donation pick up. They’ll simply show up at your doorstep and pick whatever you want to donate. It’s a great way when it comes to donating larger things that you would throw anyway or can’t sell them. So let’s see which charities will take your stuff for free!

Why is it important to donate?

It is not smart to move everything that you currently have in your household. For this reason, it is important to declutter your household before your relocation. It is going to be cheaper and easier to relocate your items with residential moving companies Los Angeles CA after you declutter. However, what to do with all the items that you decluttered? The best option would be to donate them. There are many people in need that would benefit a lot from your donation. Therefore, you should find several charities to see if they offer a free pickup and if they are accepting all the items that you want to donate.

Woman in a white T shirt loading a box
Charities that offer free donation pick up are there to help people in need so always consider donating.

Salvation Army is our first pick that offers free donation pick up

Since its founding in 1865, the Salvation Army has served people of all ages, socioeconomic origins, and needs. It is a global church with charitable registration in 131 nations. Your donations are either given to individuals in need directly or sold at a Salvation Army store. The charity helps those in need from various backgrounds, such as the homeless, those who have been the victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, young people at risk, the elderly, and those affected by natural catastrophes. Additionally, it helps hundreds of families reunite annually through its Family Tracing Service.

You can arrange a pick up with Salvation Army but you’ll have to check your zip code first. We would advise you to check their pick up page for additional info. They accept everything from clothes to toys, technology (that works of course), vehicles, furniture… It’s simple and it’s all described on their website.  Your things will go to their thrift shops where they’ll be sold and then with that money help people in need. Additionally, it provides free furniture and home item collection for donations. For many people who are unable to drive or bring heavy goods to their neighborhood Salvation Army, it is a useful service. You can also find suitable storage Los Angeles if you are not sure whether you want to give away some of your items. But bear in mind that reservations are usually made three to four weeks in advance.

Our second pick is GreedDrop

A nonprofit company, GreenDrop, provides prompt and effective pickup and drop-off services from its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Clothing and shoes, games, toys, tools, books, small gadgets, kitchenware, small furniture, sports items, instruments, and more are frequently accepted by the organization. Additionally, by visiting the GreenDrop website, with your ZIP code and contact information, you may arrange a free pickup. Don’t forget to mark your donations with the name of the organization and place your items in sealed moving boxes Los Angeles or plastic bags.

a donation box
It is always better to donate all the things you no longer need

A special offer by GreedDrop

This is for those that are moving from California to Washington. GreenDrop also can help you declutter they have a special free program called Home Clean-Out, which is entirely free. After you’ve decided what to donate they’ll pick up your things and sell them and one of their thrift shops. After that money will be donated to some of these organizations:

  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia
  • The National Federation of the Blind
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart
  • American Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity is our third pick

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that has been helping those in need find affordable housing all around the world since it was founded in 1976. The group now operates in more than 1,300 areas around the US and more than 70 other nations. Money donations are the major source of funding for Habitat for Humanity. They do, however, also have regional Habitat ReStores for house renovation. These shops provide the general public with furniture, electronics, household goods, and recyclable building materials at a significant discount from retail prices. The revenues from the sale of your donated goods at these secondhand shops are utilized to fund the organization’s programs. If you are moving your office with commercial movers Los Angeles, you can definitely donate office furniture or electronics.

This organization aids in the construction of secure, reasonably priced houses for families in need and is nonprofit as well. Habitat for Humanity renovates pre-existing homes in many communities, particularly in metropolitan areas, in addition to building new ones. Even the owners of the homes and neighborhoods themselves may help to repair and renovate them. They pick up furniture once a week and you can find the nearest store near you on their website, based on your zip code. Since they’re building homes they’ll only accept furniture, furnishings, building material, and appliances.  After you schedule a pick up date they’ll sell your items at one of their ReStores. All the money that they gain goes to building new homes and repairing damaged ones.

Unfinished gray concrete building and a yellow crane next to it;
Unlike other donations Habitat for Humanity accepts building materials since it needs them the most for building homes.

The fourth charity that offers free donation pick up is Furniture Banks

A group of furniture banks from all around North America makes up the Furniture Bank Network. These furniture banks are officially recognized as charitable organizations, nonprofits, or social businesses with the mission of giving away free or significantly reduced gently used home items to low-income individuals and families. Many furniture banks let clients pick their own furniture instead of just giving them a pre-selected selection of items. These furniture banks run a showroom where visitors are welcome to check the available furniture and choose items that suit their likes and style.

Furniture Banks believes that everyone deserves good basic furniture. As per reliable Los Angeles interstate movers, it’s available in 34 countries including California, if you’re moving interstate or from any other state check their website. Unlike the previous three companies which sell and then use the money to buy something or invest it further this company gives your belongings directly to people that need them the most.  They help abused women and children, immigrants, poor people, and the homeless that are setting up their homes. In some places, pick-ups require a small fee while in other places they’re free. They often accept kitchen utensils, pots, appliances, etc. If you need any extra info check out their website.

At number five we have the Pick Up Please

One of the charities that offer free donation pick up is the Pick Up Please charity. It is a reputable foundation that provides aid to all veterans in America, not just those from a certain generation or conflict. You may raise money to support the troops and other military members who help defend the nation from harm by contributing worn clothing, shoes, small appliances, and other household items. Remember that they only take goods that are manageable for one person to lift and transport by themselves. Large pieces of furniture are not accepted.

Pick Up Please is managed by VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America). You can use the calendar on the webpage to set up a date, it can also be within 24 hours. You don’t have to be at home just write on the box “VVA Donation Pick up, and the driver will pick it up and leave a tax deduction bill. The only downside is that it’s available in only 13 states including California so better check their website first. They’ll accept various home products, clothes, toys, gadgets, and accessories like bedside tables and all kinds of chairs. They’ll sell your items to private companies and use that money to fund one of their many programs.

clothes in a plastic box
The Pick Up Please charity is one of the charities that offer free donation pick up but they do not take large items

Goodwill is the sixth charity that offers free donation pick up

For those who face employment difficulties, Goodwill provides job training, employment placement assistance, and other community-based initiatives. Youth, the elderly, those with impairments, those with little job experience, those who have experienced corporate downsizing, and those attempting to rebuild their lives after serving time in jail are all included in this. It was founded in 1902. All donated items are transported to a nearby Goodwill store and offered for sale to the underprivileged at a reduced price. Numerous efforts, including job training and placement programs, are supported by donations.

If you are moving with an international moving company Los Angeles, you can also choose an international charity organization. It operates in 12 different countries, including Canada, and 156 different local organizations in the USA. Local Goodwill stores assist those in need by offering job employment and training assistance to them. The majority of Goodwill shops provide free collections for furnishings and other bulky things in addition to accepting clothes donations. Contact the local store to see if pick up is available in your region. Goodwill will sell your things in their stores or on their website to finance its programs. They’ll accept most motor vehicles and they can even be broken. Other than that they’ll accept clothes, jewelry, collectibles, dishes, glassware… For the whole list please visit their website.

A bearded man holding bunch of scarves as representative of charities that offer free donation pick up
Most of the donations will accept clothes and science say that 50 % of our wardrobe items never get worn, so consider donating or selling them.

At number seven we have The Arc

The Arc provides assistance to those with mental illnesses. They cover all age groups and more than 100 distinct diagnoses, such as autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and several other developmental disorders. The nonprofit group was established in 1950 and now has more than 600 state and local charities around the nation. All profits from the sale of your donations at their thrift stores go toward sustaining their operations.

The Arc wants to help them in any way possible to include them fully in society. It raises money for its services by selling the goods you contribute in our thrift shops.  They accept furniture, clothes contributions, footwear, books, toys, kitchenware, gadgets, home accents, decorations, and more. If you’re still not sure about donating consider renting one of the storage units Dupont WA. You can either leave your belongings there or donate them afterward when you get certain that you will not be needing the.

Our final pick for this post is AMVEST

Similar to Pick Up Please they sell your items to people that finance their programs which are aimed at helping veterans and their families.  You can fill out an online pick up form. You can pack your donations into bags and leave them out front of the house where their courier will pick them up. They’ll kindy accept any clothes, any electronic or IT equipment that is less than 5 years old, kitchen utensils, lamps, etc. There is no doubt that it is better to donate these items than to keep them in your storage units Denver CO if you are not going to use them.

The AMVETS National Service Foundation operates in 22 states and has physical locations and contribution pickups all throughout the nation. Your contributions enable the organization to plan community engagement initiatives and career development programs. Their thrift shops provide inexpensive household items to the general population. They are able to offer veterans’ programs because of the money they make from retail sales.

Charities that offer free donation pick up have a white truck
The AMVETS does not accept items if you used them for more than 5 years

These were our top 8 Charities that offer free donation pick up. We hope that you found this article useful and we wish you a stress-free and easy move. And don’t forget to declutter and donate!

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