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7 Ways to spend Valentine’s Day in LA 2022 after moving

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After a few hectic years of fear and uncertainty, all we need is to calm down and rewind. What better day is there to do it than the day when love is celebrated? Valentine’s Day is all about enjoying time together with your significant other. After moving with one of the moving and storage Los Angeles, you will want to relax as well. Even though professional movers pay attention to your move with the utmost care, moving still takes a toll on you. The ideas in this guide will help you relax and spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in LA 2022 with your other half.

A wellness retreat is always a good option for spending Valentine’s Day in LA 2022

Time spent at a spa is not just something you can do for Valentine’s Day in LA 2022. But surprising your significant other with a wellness gateway is always a heartwarming gesture. Especially after a laborious move with one of the long-distance movers Los Angeles. Since it is a big city we are talking about, there is an enormous range of wellness centers that you can pick from. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Muscle Beach Venice
  • Wi Spa
  • Larchmont Sanctuary Spa
  • Hot-air balloon ride
  • Drive-in cinema
  • Outdoor patio
  • Or even a date at home
Woman enjoying a massage for Valentine's Day in LA 2022
A day at the spa is always a good idea

Rent a hot-air balloon to indulge in some magical time for two

If you are interested in doing something unusual for this Valentine’s Day, a hot-air balloon ride might be for you. A little of thrill will do you good after moving with some residential moving companies Los Angeles CA. Enjoy the scenic landscapes of Perris-Temecula Valley and take some breathtaking pictures to post on social media. They include delicious snacks and coffee in the price once your feet are back on the ground.

Watch a movie at a drive-in cinema for Valentine’s Day in LA 2022

This is a classic. But classic is sometimes best. Getting a moving quote Los Angeles is the classic step to do before hiring movers, and it is often the best option. Watching a movie with the Californian sunset as a background is something that you won’t forget soon. And it will bring you back to when you used to spend time with your high school sweetheart in the car.

Enjoy the fresh air at an outdoor patio

Since we were forced to be inside for so long, we all crave being outside. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful outdoor scene while dining under the stars. It is the perfect spot to connect and talk about experiences with your significant other, as the move with one of the moving companies Orange County. That experience really was something special!

Make a date night at home

Many people prefer staying at home for this celebration. Sometimes, there is nothing better than the privacy of your own home for Valentine’s Day. All you need is some food (whether you will cook or order take out is completely up to you), wine, and some fun game-like Love Lingual. Sometimes there is no need for fancy nights out, all you need is each other.

Take a cooking class

If you have always wanted to learn how to cook a certain meal, but never had the chance to do it, now might be a good time. Even if it’s something that couples don’t usually do, you can try it. Sur la Table Cooking School offers classes that teach you how to make chocolate, macaroons, and other popular Valentine’s Day sweets.

Couple preparing dinner
If you always wanted to learn how to cook something, now might be the right time

We didn’t forget the people who spend Valentine’s Day in LA 2022 alone – Break Up Bar

If you want to celebrate the end of love and stay away from all the lovebirds on this day, go to this bar instead of being at home. They have a mini art exhibit and a movie screen with classic break-up movies. Apart from that, their menu includes food and tons of unique cocktails.

Final thoughts

As you can see, for Valentine’s Day in LA 2022 there are a lot of options to pick from. From classic to some more adventurous, there is something for everyone in a city this big. We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

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