5 ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA

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It is not an unusual thing for people to part ways. It is actually very common to be away from someone you deeply care about. A lot of folks grow up and leave their home town in search of suitable educations and great jobs. Some of them just want a change of scenery. There are many reasons, but no matter the reason, and your new great job, parting from long-time friends isn’t easy. Being away from someone you love does not have to be the end of it. We are here to help you with these tips on keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA.

Cute letters with emotional content

We all know people nowadays tend to use high technology to serve their needs. It is fast, almost instant, and easy. Keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA means to get a little creative.  Although it makes our lives easier, there is something a mobile phone can not do as good as a letter. And that is to literally melt someone’s heart the second they see it. Letters are very personal. Every time a person takes up some time to compose a letter, they give you a part of themselves. To write a letter takes time. To hire long distance movers CA means to free your time and write a letter to someone you care about. It will make them so happy knowing you.

Man writing a letter as one of the 5 ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA
Sending letters is one of the 5 ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA

Share funny and interesting content as a way of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA

Even though you genuinely care about someone, dull conversations can be a mood killer. To keep your conversations alive, it is never a bad idea to share some interesting and creative content. Saw a good movie? Share it with your friend so you can discuss it later. Read the same books and analyze them. Not only will you expand your horizons, but you will also keep that bond tight. If you share a love of music, record each other playing your instruments in the beat of the same song. To transfer your valuables like a piano, contact piano movers CA, just to be sure.

If you are having a bad day, just share some funny content with each other. As a way of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA,  send your friend some funny things like:

  1. Memes
  2. Stand up comedies
  3. Funny animal videos
  4. Inspiring talk shows
  5. Pranks and fail videos
A youtube logo on laptop
Send them cute and funny videos from time to time

It may be hard at first, but after some time of adjusting, it will get easier. Take some weight off your shoulders by hiring commercial movers CA. Remember to laugh and have fun. Do not worry much about a lot of stuff that may be happening around the time you move. Everything will be just fine.

Send some personal gifts

Sending someone you care about, a gift, something that they will love, really speaks volumes. You are busy after your move and yet you still find a way of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA. That act alone can leave someone speechless. It does not matter if you bought the gift or gave something of yours away. Nor does it matter if it was expensive. It is an act of kindness and love. You do not have the time or mone? Storage service CA is where you should keep your stuff, and just go dig something out. You may find an old memory of your loved one, and send that as a gift. Wrap it up nicely with some handwritten note. Spray it with your perfume to awaken some memories.  It will surely melt some hearts.

a gift
Giving them personal gifts means you really care about them

Regular check-ups

To care for someone means to let them into your life. You truly know a person if you’ve seen them in every state of being. To regularly check up means to keep your friends up to date with your life. Keeping in touch after a longs distance moves to LA with regular check-ups is mandatory for your relationships. By sharing your everyday struggles and happiness a burden you may carry is to be divided. Listen to each other, share bits of advice and just be there for each other. Miles do not mean a thing if you care about a person.

A woman showing call me sign
Call your friends regularly

Social networks

A thing with social networks is that nowadays everyone is connected. People share their life experiences on online platforms with friends and family. Sometimes strangers too. Social media networks make people feel closer to one another via their content. It can also be a way of keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA. Your friends will be updated on the places you’ve visited, art exhibits you saw, concerts you listened to. And in a long distance relationship with people that is a valuable way of keeping up with them. You may have forgotten to tell your friend about a short trip you wen to. But then, someone tagged you in a photo. Your friend will probably ask how your trip went after they saw it online. No hard feeling lives get busy and people may miss updating each other about their life sometimes. 

Moving away from people you love can be a bit tough. Keeping in touch after a long distance move to LA is crucial for your friendship,  but don’t forget about yourself. Take a moment to catch a breath and just relax.  Your new job, old and new friends aren’t going anywhere. It is really important that even though you are excited, you do not overdo it early in the process. Sit alone with your thoughts in your new apartment and enjoy a moment of silence. There is plenty of time for you to plan your moves and keep your friends updated about it. Focus on yourself. Try out new stuff and have fun. Because LA is just a perfect spot for almost everybody.

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