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5 simple ways to reduce waste when packing

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One thing that is unavoidable when packing is creating waste. Even though we can’t avoid creating any there are still ways to minimalize the waste created. So before the moving company Los Angeles arrives on the scheduled moving date make sure to read the following article. These are 5 simple ways to reduce waste when packing.

What is packing waste?

There are many statistics that provide information on pollution. And some of them clearly show that one-third of the American landfills are packing materials. Especially in the last couple of years, the throw-away culture in America is reaching its peak. With landfills filled with microwave dinners to fast food containers and packing materials. But there is a way to reduce waste when packing as well as waisting packing materials before moving companies Burbank CA come for your items. Some of the most seen ways excluding packing materials are:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Packaged fruits and vegetables
  • Fast-food bags, cups, and containers
  • Plastic casing
  • Single-use cups
  • Juice boxes and drink pouches
  • Children’s toy boxes
  • Compact makeup containers
  • Toothpaste tubes
How to reduce waste when packing and minimise pollution
Pollution is a big problem we are facing. From landfills to oceans there is a lot of waste that could have been avoided.

1. Plastic bags

The easiest way to reduce waste when packing is to stop using plastic bags. Usually, people would use them to put choices or items in them. But cutting them out is a better choice. Also using paper bags and multiple-use bags in stores for shopping is a nice way to look after the environment. Moving from California to Washington is a long process and can at times be hectic. Also, it requires a lot of stops along the way. But even after the move you should try and stop using plastic bags.

2. Plastic containers

Be conscious of your choices. Plastic containers can be recycled only about 7-9 times. So when thinking about a way to reduce waste when packing using biodegradable packaging materials or containers that are easily recycled is a big plus. You can also use these types of packing materials in every climate controlled storage Los Angeles has to offer.

Plastick bottles
In order to reduce waste when packing use multiuse bottles made of glass or biodegradable materials.

3. Ship in bulk

In order to reduce waste when packing shipping items in bulk is a way to go. It will use fewer packing materials. One big container required less raw material the one big. On top of that bulk is friendlier to your budget as well. One big package will be less to ship than sending multiple smaller ones.

4. Donate

Don’t just throw away your old furniture when moving. Even if it’s a little damaged donating them is a better option. This way you will reduce waste when packing as well as make someone’s day better. There are many people less fortunate than us. For example, Furniture Bank is a nice way to donate your furniture.

5. Skip the drive-thru

Many people throw away a large number of napkins, containers, paper bags, and utensils that they get in many drive-thru places in America. Packing your lunch in a reusable container is an easy way to reduce waste when packing. It also keeps greasy or food-stained wrappers and boxes out of the landfill and our homes.

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