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5 Crucial qualities to look for in a Denver storage unit

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Choosing a great storage unit is not as simple as pointing the right way and saying “I want that one!”. Or, well, it actually is, but the part where you decide where to point your finger is not. There are some qualities to look for in a Denver storage unit if you want the best bang for your buck, so to speak. If you rent your unit from a company that is already doing your Denver relocation, it is going to be a part of the moving quote Denver, already. As for the unit itself, you will want to look into several factors. This article will show you which factors are worth your time and consideration when choosing a storage unit.

Top 5 qualities to look for in a Denver storage unit!

Here is the shortlist of the main qualities:

  1. Security of the storage unit
  2. One of the best qualities to look for in a Denver storage unit – Different size options
  3. Climate-controlled storage options
  4. Insurance
  5. Pickup and delivery services
Every good storage facility should have good security!

No 1: Security of the storage unit

Perhaps the most important, or the second-most important, the security of the unit is paramount for a good storage unit. It will ensure that you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your items are safe and sound. In fact, what you want from the storage units Denver, is to give you that sense of security so you don’t even think about your items anymore. Apart from when you need them, of course. Before you sign for anything, check the neighborhood the unit is at, check its crime rate. After that, see what kind of surveillance the unit has. Are there any guards at any point? The best storage units will have combined security, both electronic and human.

Then check what is the process of retrieving and storing your items. Are you in plain view when retrieving your belongings? Things like that all add or subtract from the security factor and you need to note them. For the most part, you don’t need to overthink it much, just keep an open mind and look for these things. It may sound like it is a lengthy process but in fact, you will be doing it alongside other things.

No 2: One of the best qualities to look for in a Denver storage unit – Different size options

Storage facilities are usually quite large. They try to serve as many people as they have room. What you want to find out is if they have multiple size options for you to peruse. Having many choices is one of the best traits that a storage facility can have.

Even if you don’t need it now, you may need additional storage or you will want to rent a smaller unit. If your facility does not have these options, your choices will be all bad. You can pay more for what you don’t need or you can hire moving services in Denver and transfer all your stuff to another storage unit, which can be a lot of work. In order to prevent this, the best thing is not to have to move the items in the first place! If your storage facility has what you need, you will not be moving anywhere. Simple as that.

One of the best traits that storage facility can have – Multiple size options.

No 3: Climate-controlled storage options

Furthermore, it is really important for a good storage option to have several climate-controlled units. Climate control is different from air conditioning in one really important aspect. Humidity. Regular air conditioning will keep the temperature of your unit where you want it to be but it will do almost nothing to the humidity within the unit. You need climate control for this. It is similar to having different size options because if you end up needing such a unit you don’t want to have to relocate your belongings.

Make sure to specifically ask for climate control and mention humidity. While every good storage provider, such as Los Angeles transfer and storage, will know exactly what you mean once you mention climate control, some less reputable storage facilities might not make that distinction. All in all, just make sure that you get what you want. Many people do not differentiate climate control and air conditioning and will happily say “Yes, we have it” when in fact they do not.

No 4: Insurance

Having many insurance options is a hallmark of great storage space. The fact of the matter is that accidents can happen regardless of how safe the unit is. It is just the way life is, anything can happen. For this reason, it is important to have proper insurance. The more options you have to choose from, the better. If you are going to be insuring your items on your own, figure out your specific situation, and act accordingly. Talking to professionals always helps, too.

Choosing the best insurance option is not really that critical but it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Obviously, you can always go for full coverage but that will have you paying a lot more than you really need to. Choosing a proper insurance plan is not really that easy as it sounds. But it is not that difficult either, you can simply go for standard insurance and forget about it if you so wish.

One of the best qualities of a great storage facility – Many insurance options!

No 5: Pickup and delivery services

Finally, every great storage unit will have a variety of pickup and delivery services. You are not required to use them, by no means, and they will be there if you need them. It is simply a matter of convenience. I mean, think about it, let’s say you are choosing between two storage units and one has these services and other does not. The choice is really simple if all other factors are identical. However, having the option of these services is really important on its own. You never know what kind of situation might occur down the road. It is best to have as many options open as possible.

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