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5 Best apps to make life easier in LA

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Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the USA with almost 4,000,000 residents. For a city this big, it is normal that it’s full of life and activity. With so many things going on, it can be easy to get lost. So many places to be and things to do make it difficult to decide on what to do. If you plan on moving, we recommend hiring some cleaning services Los Angeles to help you leave your home squeaky clean. But if you plan to stay in this city, there are some apps to make life easier in LA. Most of the ones we listed are free, so checking them out won’t cost you anything.


Before moving to LA, apart from needing some moving help Los Angeles, you will also probably need a place for renting or buying. This app is great for anyone who is new to the city or who is looking to move to a new home. You can use it to:

  • Look through real estate listings
  • Compare prices
  • Connect with agents

This app will make apartment hunting so much easier and more convenient. Normally, you would have to go out for all these things. With the help of this app, you can find a new home from the comfort of your home.

Keys hanging in a door
Zillow can help you find a home in LA


After a long time when we were not able to go out and socialize, eating out is something that a lot of people crave doing. Los Angeles is a huge place, with countless options of restaurants, diners, and bars. Having many options can be good, but in most cases, it can just cause confusion and indecisiveness. Imagine getting to a completely new city with the assistance of some piano movers Los Angeles. You want to go out to eat but you don’t know where. This is where this app can help you pick a place from so many options. OpenTable can help you find the right restaurant and even make a reservation. It can make your search easier by using filters like the price, cuisine, and ratings. A great feature this app has are included photos and menus with special promotions available. It’s an editor’s choice app and it has over 5 million downloads, so you should certainly give it a try.

5 Every Day is the right app for the adventurer in you

As the name suggests, this app will list you 5 things to do every day around Los Angeles. You have a pool table at home that you moved with the help of some pool table movers Los Angeles, but you don’t feel like playing it today. 5 Every Day is run by local artists, musicians and designers, therefore it gives options for a very authentic experience. You will be able to find new and refreshing things to do every day that you wouldnt think of usually.

Waze is one of the best apps to make life easier in LA

With LA’s crazy traffic, this app can be one of the best apps to make life easier in LA. It can help you so much, and it is a free app that you can use both on Android and IOS. Waze uses community-based traffic reports to make your daily commute much easier and less stressful. Bringing your items to some storage Los Angeles has never been easier. The app adjusts your suggested route according to traffic, therefore saving you driving time. It will also alert you of any issues in your route. All in all, a very usefull app if you are often on the road.


When you get to your destination in LA, you almost always have to park in a busy area. This app is making it easy to find and reserve parking in garages, lots and valets. The app lets you compare prices and, if you see a spot you like, you can then pre-pay to reserve it.

Picture of a busy parking lot
SpotHero makes it easy to find parking

5 Best apps to make life easier in LA – conclusion

Once you move to this big city, these apps to make life easier in LA can really help you on an everyday base. The last two apps listed can probably even be considered as a necessity, especially after a stressful move. No one want additional unnecessary stress, so make sure to give these apps a try.

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