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10 things to look forward to in LA in 2023

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Los Angeles has always been the city of angels by the sea, where the sun shines, and the palm trees sway by the sea. And not only that. It is the city of film and glamour. The opening of exhibitions, restaurants, and many interesting projects take place here. After all, it is the most exciting city on the West Coast. The new year always brings us new expectations and events. What exciting New Year events will LA bring us? Movers and packers Los Angeles share with you some exciting things to look forward to in LA in 2023.

Disney’s Centennial Celebration

Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebration begins on January 27. You’ll be able to enjoy the new fireworks as well as the “World of Color” show. If you want your new year to start in a magic spirit take your family to the Disneyland Resort. Also, on March 8, Toontown will reopen. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will take you on a ride through the colorful world of your favorite cartoon characters. Miracles happen here, so don’t miss out.

super Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi figurines
Universal Studios’ highly anticipated Super Nintendo World is one of the things to look forward to in LA in 2023.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios

Are you waiting to jump into your favorite video game? Be patient a little longer. Universal Studios’ long-awaited new addition will open on February 17, 2023. This exciting interactive world will allow you to visit Peach’s castle, dine at the Toadstool Cafe or explore the Mushroom Kingdom. New technologies will offer you a journey that you have never experienced before. You will be preoccupied with collecting coins and doing your best to defeat Team Bowser. But before you start exploring LA be aware that moving can be a stressful task that requires all your time. That’s why you need to find moving services Los Angeles residents recommend that will offer you a wide range of services to suit your needs.

Don’t miss the concerts at the Hollywood Bowl

A venue rich in history has presented us with a wide range of artists since 1922. The Beatles, Yo-Yo Ma, and Radiohead have performed here. You’ll enjoy the outdoors with your drinks and snacks and appreciate the unique space, performances, as well as excellent acoustics. Stay tuned for upcoming concerts in the New Year, as this is one of the things to look forward to in LA in 2023.

Disney’s The Lion King

A Broadway-style show you can bring the whole family to is presented at the Pantages from February 2 to March 26, 2023. You will enjoy the famous story of Simba with a unique costume and puppet show. Experience familiar songs as well as new ones as you watch Simba on his journey to becoming the king of Pride Rock.

Keith Haring at the Broad

In the coming year, we are also looking forward to the opening of the exhibition of the man who made his mark on pop art, Keith Haring. From May 27 to October 8, 2023, at the Broad, we will experience exciting creativity. The exhibition includes more than 120 artworks and archival documents. Much of the source material comes from the artist’s diary. His drawings adorn subways and his works are known for their vivid colors, and as Haring himself said, art is for everyone.

And if you are an art lover and have decided to move know that moving can bring a lot of chaos into our lives. But if your move involves handling valuable items, the task should be left to professionals like art movers Los Angeles. With trained and experienced teams, your valuables will be delivered safely and efficiently to the new address.

yellow train in the tunnel
One of the great things about next year in LA is the short but significant expansion of Metro.

LA Subway Expansion

A small but significant extension of the subway will open by winter 2023. With the completion of the Regional Connector, the 2.9-mile tunnel will have several new stations. In other words, your trip from East L.A. to Santa Monica or Azusa to Long Beach will be one train ride. With the possibility to commute easier, it is certain that you will start gathering many new things as memories from different places. And as the years go by, our possessions increase. But relocation is a time to deal with a lot of stuff. Storage in Los Angeles will offer you a solution to store your belongings during the move.

Visit the New Museum-like Apple Store

The 1927 Tower Theater has been given a new design and a new purpose. The Apple Store has been installed here, and the architectural masterpiece has retained its structure and architecture. A stunning old building has been combined with new technology. If you are a fan of either, don’t miss visiting this symbiosis.

Imacs on tables
If you’re a fan of Apple and architecture, visit the New Museum in LA.

Boarding at the Queen Mary Hotel

A giant ocean liner has docked in Long Beach and is waiting to be boarded. The hotel will bring you back to life in the early 1900s and take you on a tour of the haunted ghosts of the Queen Mary ship. A paranormal expert will show you the parts of the boat where the ghosts are lurking. You can also book an interactive dinner with the ghosts. Book your tickets in time and feel the chills.

Don’t miss the Original Farmers’ Market

One of the things to look forward to in LA in 2023 in the next year is to visit the permanent farmers’ market. It is located in the west of La. The offer will surprise you. The market will offer you a wide range of restaurants, grocery stores, clothing, jewelry, and more. We are sure there is something for everyone. Plus, you won’t leave with an empty stomach. The restaurants offer a wide variety of food: grilled meats, sushi, tacos, churros, and gumbo.

Burrito Challenge at El Tepeyac Cafe

Mexican food is the main dish on the menu in California and is one of the things to look forward to in LA in 2023. If you’re a fan of the original flavors of Mexican cuisine, then you choose El Tepeyac coffee shop as your go-to place. The Manuel Special is their trademark. Get ready to go down to the bone with this massive, calorie-packed burrito that you’ll master and return to again and again. Are you moving to LA? If the answer is yes – El Tepeyac Cafe is a must.

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