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10 organizing tips to try at your LA home

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    The move is finally over and all your belongings are in your new house. The only thing left to do is to ship car from California to New York. However, until the car arrives, you will be busy with organizing your new home. When you have all sorted out and put in the right place, you might notice some flaws in your organizing technique. If you don’t organize your home properly, over time you might find yourself in a big problem. You will accumulate new items for the house and without proper organization, you won’t have enough space to display them. For this reason, it is important to have good organizing tips from the beginning. Here a few tips that can help you when you want to organize your home. 

    Where to start applying organizing tips in your new home 

    When you moved to LA with Southern California movers, you have all the rooms in the house ready for organizing. However, you can’t arrange all the rooms at once as you don’t have the time or strength to do it. Also, there is no need to rush. Start with the room you use the most like the living room or the one that is bugging you the most. 

    If you decide to start with the children’s room as they have the most items, you should involve your children in their room design. After you selected a room, first do an inventory of your items. See what you need and what can you sell, donate, or thrown away. This way, you will get more valuable space for the items you really need. 

    white house
    Make your new LA home beautiful and comfortable

    Tricks to use to organize like a pro 

    If you want to follow modern renovation ideas, try going vertical. In your living room or kitchen, try installing shelves up to the ceiling. The items you rarely use put on the higher shelves and frequently used one, store in the bottom. This way, all your desired belongings will be displayed nicely. This also applies to the bookshelves. You can organize your books by size, genre, or color. It all depends on your preference. Additionally, you can get book holders in various shapes and colors for the completed look. 

    If you need more space for storage, find a creative way to make some. A great example is using the space underneath the bed. You can store there your extra shoes placed nicely in the boxes or bags, you don’t need at the moment. In your drawers, use plastic containers with partitions. They are the perfect solution for organizing office items. 

    organizing tips for your bookshelf
    Display all of your pretty books

    Tips for every organization 

    When you want to be sure you are using good organizing tips, just remember that every organization must have three good qualities. 

    • Visibility – choose the containers which are transparent or can be label properly 
    • Accessibility – items you use the most must be easily reached 
    • Flexibility – choose storage solutions that can be adapted to your need over time 

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