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10 Affordable ways to move internationally

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The cost of moving your whole life from California to a new country is something that can easily give you a headache. Unless you’re one of those people who have decided to sell everything they have and embark on a life journey with just one bag on their back – moving abroad will cost you a lot of money. The thing is, the older we get, the more things we accumulate that are dear to our hearts. And you shouldn’t give up on all of them if they make you happy. Instead, there are 10 affordable ways to move internationally, and Southern California movers know them. And we’re here to let you in on the secret.

1. Don’t spend money on your moving supplies if you don’t have to – get them free

Just like moving from California to Washington, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, or from the States to anywhere in the world – one of the best ways to cut costs on moving is by gathering as many free moving supplies as possible. This becomes especially useful when you’re moving internationally. There’s no need to buy moving boxes and other supplies if you can get them from retailers in your neighborhood. Other ways you could find free moving supplies are through Craigslist, bookstores, local liquor stores, your family, friends, and neighbors.

People holding moving boxes
Getting free moving supplies will save you a considerable amount of money

2. Preparing for your move on time is one of the best ways to move internationally

We can promise you that waiting for the last moment to start preparing for a project as big as an international move is the best way to make it more expensive than it should be. Starting late might put you in situations where you can’t choose. This means you will have to opt for expensive options because they’ll be the only ones at your disposal. For example, imagine you’re moving from LA to Dupont WA, and you hadn’t prepared anything until a week before you move. What if you start packing and realized you’d need to rent storage units Dupont WA because you can’t fit all your stuff in your new home. Looking for a storage unit at such short notice might put you in a position to pay a lot more because you won’t be able to look for cheaper options.

3. Save money by packing all your belonging by yourself

Moving companies like Los Angeles interstate movers also offer full services which include packing. This can save you a lot of time and energy, and ensure your belonging are safely and professionally packed. However, those services can add to the price of your move, which you want to avoid. Therefore, a better option would be to do the packing on your own.

Research tips on how to pack for a move, and save yourself from additional moving costs.

4. Getting multiple moving quotes is a must if you’re looking for affordable ways to move internationally

Do yourself a favor by requesting at least 3 moving quotes from reputable moving companies. Not only will this protect you from getting overcharged, but it will also help you avoid low-quality moving services. However, beware of fraudulent moving companies. If someone is offering you a moving service at a much lower price than expected, you should get suspicious.

5. Opt for a reliable and affordable moving company

Moving internationally is not something you should be doing by yourself. Hiring a reliable international moving company Los Angeles will give you the security and organization you need to ensure you have a successful move. Risking it with a DIY could bring unnecessary complications and, consequently, make your relocation more expensive than it already is.

One of the best affordable ways to move internationally is to rely on a good, reputable moving company
Make sure you’re paying for quality and reliable moving services

6. Check the possibility for your employer to pay for the move

Are you moving to another country for a job? In that case, we recommend you check the company’s relocation policies to see if there’s a possibility for the company to pay for your relocation. They might even have their own preferred moving company for cross-country relocations. If they accept to cover your moving costs, don’t forget to save all moving receipts since the company will need them to reimburse you for the relocation.

7. Finding affordable ways to move internationally will include choosing your moving date wisely

The date of your relocation can make a big impact on the price you’re going to pay for it. If you decide to move during peak season, your relocation costs will be higher than they would have been if you had chosen a less popular date. Peak moving dates are usually weekends, the first and last weeks of the month, and the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If possible, aim for a mid-month move between October to April.

8. Sell the items you no longer need

Naturally, the less you move, the cheaper the relocation will be. However, as we said at the beginning, this doesn’t mean you should get rid of the stuff you care about. You can save money on your relocation by selling everything you don’t need or don’t plan to move. Organize a garage sale or make use of the popular online markets to sell all the unwanted items. Trust us, you wouldn’t believe the things people are willing to buy.

Garage sale
One of the best affordable ways to move internationally is to sell all the stuff you don’t need instead of just leaving them behind

9. Look for different airfare deals before booking your flight

If possible, you should hang on a bit before buying the tickets as soon as you they’re released. Prices change a lot, and many airlines recommend that the best day for buying tickets is Sunday. According to them, Wednesday is the worst. Also, use different flight search engines to compare the prices so you can find the best offer. One of the best search engines are:

  • Skyscanner
  • Google Flights
  • Momondo

10. Save yourself from stress at all costs

Finding a way to save money on every little thing can put a lot of stress on you. And no matter how much money you might save, it won’t matter if you end up exhausted and that takes a toll on your health. Therefore, if paying more for something will mean you will have peace of mind or just time to rest – it’s worth it. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage if you need more help you find affordable ways to move internationally. We’ll be happy to help.

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