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Expedited Service

This is an agreement to transport goods by a set date in exchange for a higher rate.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service

A premium service whereby dates of service are guaranteed, with the mover providing reimbursement for delays. This type of service is often subject to minimum weight requirements.

High Value Article

These are items in a shipment that are valued at more than $100 per pound.


The detailed descriptive list of your household goods showing the quantity and condition of each item.

Linehaul Charges

Basic method of billing for long distance service.
Linehaul charges are calculated by mileage and the weight of your shipment.
Linehaul charges may not include fees for charges such as the ones noted above in 'Additional Charges'.

Local Moving

Local moving usually refers to moves of less than 100 miles within the same state. This type of move is based on hourly rates and is regulated by the states DOT (Department of Transportation) or other regulatory body.

Long Distance

Intra State: This is a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.
Inter State: This is a move from one state to another and is billed by weight and distance.
This type of move is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation.

Long Carry Charge

An additional charge incurred when articles must be carried an excessive distance to the mover's truck.

A - D | E - M | N - R | S - Z

Moving Terms Glossary


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